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#MarchAgainstSharia sounded like fun…



So I got to see Antifa protesters in real life today. I had believed them to be internet memes, unicorns, or some other mythical non-entity. Something that the videos of anarchists dreamed up. But, no… they are real. It was supposed to be fun, but it wasn’t.

My experience was a large park… with a small group of maybe 60 people and a megaphone… across about 60 yards from 9 or 10 people behind a guard rail. The shrill yelling coming from those 9 people was nauseating. I couldn’t get pictures as there were police everywhere and if someone pitched a fit, I’d be answering ignorant questions and didn’t feel like it.

The heat didn’t help, it is June after all. But, the worst of it was… it wasn’t a “march.” At best it was a rally, at worst it was standing around listening to someone talk. It was worse than church.

Personally I’m not on any side (excepting I’m not on the side of people shouting, “fuck you and your speech”), I think this is all hilarious fun. Also, helping the cops beat down on some ignorant fucks as happened in Chicago, Minnesota, etc., today would have been fun as well, too bad.


One of the more interesting things I found during my quick observation was some people walking the interior guard rail wearing “ACLU Legal Observer” jackets like this one.

ACLU Legal Observer #MarchAgainstSharia

I found this to be disconcerting.

For one, there were a few standing talking with police. Others were simply walking around with clip boards. After returning home and researching what they do, I understand why they might be there, but what I was witnessing wasn’t a “protest” by any means. There were idiots on a guard rail shrilly shouting, and a group of people standing in the sun listening to a man on a speaker. Nothing about this showed me that the police presence there was ever going to have to do something other than be there.

Lastly, they didn’t seem independent or partisan. The people I observed seemed to be there for the 8 or 9 people on the guard rail. That, if those people started getting frisky, they were around to keep the police in check. Something about it seemed to scream to me as a limiting factor to keep the police from doing their job.


Another disconcerting observation was the image below.
Race unity day event - #MarchAgainstSharia

Now, I’m not exactly sure if it was completely related to the event I saw as the #MarchAgainstSharia event promoted, but it didn’t bode well. The sign itself was pretty temporary, so it being there for more than a day, was unlikely.

What exactly does “Race Unity” mean? I’ve seen a growing number of people, some #TradLife, etc., being pro-white and calling multiculturalism “white genocide.” Now if this group was part of this I could, in some part, understand the idiots yelling about “racism,” as being pro-White is seen as such. Ignorant, but understandable.

This viewpoint is mainly because of bullshit “gangs” like the Aryan Brotherhood. Being fanatics, for whatever reason, especially for such a silly thing like skin color is, in every way, retarded.

Now if some communities wants to only interbreed among their own ethnicity I’m all for allowing them to do so.  Latinos with Latinos, Asians with Asians, etc., but if that also doesn’t mean Caucasians with Caucasians in your book, I’m sorry, but that is straight up “Racism.”

I hate that word by the way. The only “race” in humanity is… humanity.

Do I think that communities and ethnicities should do this?  Not really. Humanity doesn’t need a color filter. If we all ended up one color, (which is inevitable regardless of what anyone thinks), things might be a little better in terms of world peace. Does this mean that nationality and creed isn’t important? Of course not. If nations start (or continue) to separate themselves by color, that’s just unfortunate for those countries.

I digress.
The only good that can come from preserving ethnicities, is more ethnic based wars.

In the end…

The best this “march” accomplished was to show off how two differing groups of idiots deal with reality. Am I against Sharia in America? Fuck yeah. Do I think it’s creeping in? Possibly.  Am I worried about it? Not at all. America is fine. We have gun loving patriots all over the place and a system of law that is one of the most exceptional on our globe regardless of how much it might fail its citizens. Sharia will go the way of communism in America, only in the dreams of ignorance.